Ukraine Will Give “Peace Award” To Companies Who Have Left Russia

Volodymyr Zelensky, the President of Ukraine will give “Peace Award” to those companies who left the Russian market, the announcement of the Ukraine’s Presidential office.

Andriy Yermak, the head of President Office said:

“The companies that departed deserve the respect of Ukrainians and people around the world. After all, indifference and silence are complicity; our goal is not a single penny to the budget of the aggressor country.”

In addition to this, the Yermak said that all these companies make a right choice.

Furthermore, he said:

“It is impossible to support war crimes, it is inadmissible to conduct trade with war criminals and make money on the killing of civilians,”

Several companies left Russian market and stop trading with Russia. The Owners ceased their business within Russia, including transportation, energy, technology and finance as well.

Zelensky called the companies to “stop being the sponsors of Russia’s war machine.