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The Covid-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, runaway inflation and climate change are all fuelling a global food security crisis. Gayle E. Smith is the chief executive officer of the ONE Campaign, an NGO co-founded by the singer Bono. She spoke to FRANCE 24 about fighting extreme poverty in the world, particularly in the Horn of Africa. “There is a great likelihood that Somalia will fall into famine very soon. It’s on the horizon and it’s not getting the attention it needs,” she warned.

Asked about the COP27 climate conference that will take place in November in Egypt, Smith admitted that “there could be tension” between developing and developed countries over climate financing. “What I do think we might see at COP is a more unified voice from developing countries in terms of them holding their ground on the expectation that these resources be delivered,” she added.

Finally, reflecting on the Covid-19 pandemic, she said that “history will show and people will look back at how vaccines were allocated in a global pandemic and the inequity that was evident”.